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10 Healthiest Teas to Feel Great Again


It’s no wonder that tea has been deemed for thousands of years in the East as a key to wisdom, happiness and good health. In recent years, it has caught on in the West as well. Researchers in the Western regions have been discovering the numerous health benefits of each tea.

There are many teas and many find it confusing as to which they should be drinking to gain the benefits they desire. All Healthy-teasteas have very powerful natural compounds that produce many health benefits. They are composed of polyphesonols, amino acids, alkaloids (caffeine), proteins, carbohydrates, aluminum, fluoride and minerals. While that technical list may sound scary, a big portion of those natural chemicals are catechins, which is what is presumed to be responsible for the numerous health benefits of drinking teas.

Among the many reasons that teas are so good for us is that they may help with reducing cancer and heart disease, weight loss, reducing diabetes, lowering cholesterol and making us more mentally alert. In addition, teas are a great antioxidant, help to prevent degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, help with memory and learning, and protect us from ultraviolet rays.

It is a fantastic alternative to drinking coffee as it has less caffeine. Unlike coffee, it actually is a hydrating beverage as it maintains a normal hydration property. Of course, it is far better than sodas as it actually helps our bodies instead of harming them.

There are many opinions on just how long you need to steep tea in order to reap the full benefits of its properties, but in general 10 to 15 minutes is best. That is much longer than most of us are willing to wait to enjoy it but if you want the full benefits of teas, it is best to have patience before enjoying it.

Now without further a dew, here are my top 10 recommended teas and the properties of each (in no particular order):

Top 10 Healthiest Teas

  • Rosehip Tea: From the fruit of a rose plant, it is one of the greatest sources of Vitamin C, which of course is great for your immune system, tissue and adrenal functioning and skin. A great tea to drink when you feel a cold coming on.
  • Lemon Balm Tea: A great way to lift your spirits when you are feeling low. It helps with your concentration. Add some sweetener to it and have your children drink it to reduce nightmares before bedtime.
  • Chamomile Tea: Aside from black tea, it is the most commonly known tea and with good reason. It is known for relaxation and calming your nerves. Derived from chamomile flowers, it’s naturally sweet taste with a hint of apple makes it very soothing and sedative which is why so many drink it at nighttime.All-natural-teas
  • Milk Thistle and Dandelion Teas: I cheated a bit…this is actually two different teas, but both have the same properties as they are a good way to clean your liver by helping it to regenerate and function at a higher capacity. They also assist in the production of bile, which aids the digestion process.
  • Cranberry Tea: You may have heard of people with urinary tract infections or kidney stones being directed by their doctor to drink cranberry juice. This tea has the same effects because of its anti-bacterial properties which help cleanse the urinary tract of harmful germs. The anti-bacterial properties also help treat gingivitis.
  • Peppermint Tea: One of my favorites because of the taste and properties that relieve nausea, symptoms of gas and bloating. It also is great in stopping muscle spasms.
  • Echinacea Tea: This one may sound familiar if you are an allergy sufferer as it eases symptoms of itchy eyes and throat, running nose and wheezing. It also boots your immune system.
  • Rooibos Tea: A smooth tea, it’s been known for its antioxidant properties and high Vitamin C content. It helps with skin concerns such as eczema and wards off premature signs of aging.
  • Ginger Tea: You can actually make this one yourself by simmering part of a ginger root for up to 15 minutes. When combined with lemon and honey, it is great to use for fighting off germs due to a common cold. But it also is a great aid in digestion, nausea and upset stomach.
  • Raspberry Tea: A great tea to use during pregnancy as it is a good source of B-vitamins, magnesium and potassium, which are all important for strengthening the uterus. It is very nutritious and can help to balance hormones as well as being good for your skin.

Tea Types: What’s in a Name?

You may have noticed that there are a lot of your favorite teas that are not in the list above. That does not mean that these teas do not also have their own benefits as well.healthy-tea

Tea is a broad category that includes lots of different types but they are all categorized into either:

  • Black Tea
  • Green Tea
  • White Tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • Pu-erh Tea

For the health benefits of each of these types of tea, see my article “Is Tea Healthier Than Soda or Coffee“.

In general though, all teas have their own specific health benefits attributable to them. My list above is in no way a complete list, just the 10 top healthiest teas for the properties of each.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Teas

The take away from this is that no matter which tea you choose to drink, it will provide at least some health benefits. Which you choose to drink is really a matter of choice in taste and what you hope to achieve in feeling healthier.


If you like this article or have any comments or suggestions of your favorite teas and why, just leave them in the comments below and I will respond as soon as I am able.




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I am a life-long advocate of health and fitness. We are only given one body for our journey on earth so it is up to each of us to take care of it. For me that means regular exercise and watching everything I consume so that my body stays as fit as possible. My goal is to help you achieve these same goals of taking care of your body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Jason Golka

    Hi Dave,
    I was really into wild edible plants for a while and I guess I still am to some extent. I like your list. Some of the teas you mention can be found in the wild. Dandelion tea and rosehip tea. I have made tea from a few wild plants. It is amazing what mother nature has given us to help our bodies. Not all tasted the best but some were great and readily accessible. Have you tried making tea from wild plants?

    • admin

      Hello Jason, yes I have tried with a few herbs that I grew myself although I would like to try more out. I live in a city now, so it isn’t always possible these days to find wild plants to steep into tea. I have found thought that it really depends which herbs and plants you are using as some of them steep fairly quickly while others do take quite some time to bring out the flavor and properties of them.

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