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Ecooe Water Pitcher 1500ml\50 oz Glass Drink Water Carafe with Stainless Steel Lid Review


Ecooe Water Pitcher 1500ml\50 oz Glass Drink Water Carafe with Stainless Steel Lid Review

Current Price: $20.99Best Water Carafe for Detox Water Creations

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 9.1 inches

Capacity: 1500ml/50 ounces

Weight: 1.0 pounds

Warranty: 18 months

My Rating: 9 out of 10

This pitcher make look like just another pretty carafe but don’t let it’s simple sleek look alone fool you into think is just that. It is multi-functional and although it appears small when you first get it, you will soon realize that it actually is quite a large capacity.

While I use this carafe primarily for infusing my water, it can be used for a number of beverages and is quite durable as well. The wide base allows for great infusing possibilities while the neck is designed to be quite ergonomic for gripping and pouring.

Setup and Operation:

You really only need to remove it from the box, wash all parts in warm soapy water, rinse and reassemble lid (five parts to the lid which I will explain below). Then just fill it with the beverage you desire.

Personally, I use it to infuse my water to create fantastic detox water recipes. I place whatever ingredients I desire inside of it, ice if I choose, and then fill with water from my Brita Filtration System to ensure that I am only using filtered water. You can easily refill it with water while leaving your ingredients in the carafe to continue to infuse your water for up to several days if you wish before discarding them and starting over with fresh ingredients.


Don’t be fooled by its size when you first take it out of the box as it really does not appear to be all that large. It actually holds 1500 milliliters which is 50 ounces of water! Of course, if you are using it to infuse water, the fruit and other ingredients will take up some of that capacity, but just keep refilling it with water every time your pour a glass from it and you will find that it is more than adequate.


Aside from using it for infused water, you can also use it for making tea by pouring boiling water into it (it is heat resistant and withstands temperature variations from -30 to 150 Celsius). It is also a very attractive way to serve your infused water at a dining table or use it for wine, milk, etc.


The lid is actually stainless steel and silicone parts which include a “filter” so that if you use it for infused water, the fruit pieces will primarily stay in the carafe and not come out into your drinking glass. You can pour from any side so there really is no “spout” to find to pour from which makes it a lot easier to just grab and pour.

Probably the only one thing I found I didn’t like about it at first is that you can not just over-pour from it. If you tip it too far, the beverage will splash and miss your glass. I quickly discovered that you need to pour without over-tipping it. This is probably my only negative on this decanter.


While it is dishwasher-safe, I choose to clean it by hand with a bottle brush in warm sudsy water. Since I use it as an infuser, the remnants of the ingredients likely would not come out of it as well in a dishwasher because of the shape of its design.

Health and Infusion advantages:

There are many other water infusers out on the market, I like the advantage of using a glass and stainless steel container as I know there are no issues with plastic contaminants in my water. Even BPA-free plastic can break down over time whereas this glass vessel will not pose any of those health concerns.

Many other infusers you can purchase have a center ingredient stem in which your ingredients are placed. My experience has been that while these seem to make sense, you will not get the same results trying to infuse your water in this manner. To achieve the same level of benefits and taste from infusing in these types of infusers, you would need to let it sit for at least 24 hours before you can drink it. Even then, I have found that you need to “stir” the stem of them to achieve this same level of taste and benefits.

The wide base of this carafe allows for the ingredients of your infusion to mix with the water much more effectively. Depending on what ingredients you are infusing, I find that the flavor of the water using this carafe is accomplished within a few hours versus waiting 24 hours. After all, the whole reason you want to infuse water is for the taste and health benefits, so I’ve found infusing the ingredients directly in the water itself is better than in a center stem that doesn’t achieve the same results.

Optional pitcher design:

If you click on the link above to purchase this carafe, you will find that this same company has a pitcher design with the same features as this carafe. You may find that you like the pitcher version to be for suitable for your needs. It really is a matter of preference but I do find that I like the design of this carafe for my use.

Overall Impression:

I love it! It meets and exceeds my needs for infusing water. I have also used it as an attractive way to serve wine, infused water, coffee, etc. for dinner parties as well. It’s a beautiful sleek design so it looks great on your table as well. For this reason, I actually purchased an additional one to have for serving beverages when I entertain. The only thing I would say is a negative is that you can not “over-pour” from it as it will splash out if you do so. Otherwise a great product!

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