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Is Drinking Bottled Water Bad for You? What You Need to Know!


Drinking water is essential for our bodies. But over the past decades, the bottled water industry has become a huge business. Just walk down the aisle of any grocery or super store water aisle and look at how many bottled water options there are these days.

However, in recent years, there is bad health reports released about the chemical break down that occurs from the plastic this source of water is sold. Many have resorted to drinking water out of stainless steel cups only for this reason. So is drinking bottled water bad for you? Well there are many factors to consider when choosing just how you choose to drink water and the bottle water choice is one you need to reevaluate in order to stay healthy.

Harmful Chemicals

There are many factors that can break down harmful chemicals of a plastic water bottle. Primarily anything related to heat are the culprits of this breakdown. A hot car, your own hands, a

Bottled water heat effect

dishwasher, hot water are all ways in which a plastic bottle can become warm enough to cause this chemical release into your water.

Bisphenol A (commonly referred to as BPA) is a harmful chemical that is released into your water when your plastic bottle of water becomes warm enough. Even when you ingest BPA in small amounts it mimics estrogen causing your estrogen system to become out of wack. In turn, this can cause chronic diseases such as cancer, asthma and diabetes. It can also impair brain development and immune system.



Increased Rick of Heart Disease

Bottle water and heart diseaseIngestion of the BPA chemical can also increase your chances of heart disease. Studies have shown that high levels of BPA consumption causes increased blood pressure as well. There are of course many factors that can ultimately lead to heart disease, but high blood pressure is one of the leading causes of heart disease and heart attacks.

The more unsafe bottled water that you drink, the greater your chances are of drinking BPA chemicals.  So you may think you are doing your body a favor by drinking adequate amounts of water through drinking more bottled water.  But in reality you could be putting yourself into a higher risk category for hear disease.



More Difficulty Becoming Pregnant

There have also been studies that show when couples have increased levels of BPA in their bloodstream, they have less likely chances of a successful conception and pregnancy. This is due to the Drinking bottled water and pregancyBPA acting like estrogen in human bodies which in turn produces an abnormal endocrine system.

While more studies are needed in this area, there have been conclusive evidence that couples attempting in-vitro fertilization are not as successful when they have higher levels of BPA in their bodies.



Environmentally Bad

Bottled water bad for environmentMany of us try our best to recycle but it’s believed that less than 1% of all plastic bottles are actually recycled. How often have you thrown a plastic water bottle into a regular trash bin instead of waiting until you found a recycle bin? We’ve all done it. Yet we don’t really think about the environmental consequences of “just one water bottle.”




Never Refill!

Many people believe that the best way to be environmentally friendly is to not throw that water bottle out in the trash, but just refill it from your home tap instead. While that may sound like a good idea, it really isn’t a good health practice.

Even if you wash your bottle, plastic can develop small cracks very easily, which can contain bacteria. These bacteria can lead to increased chances of colds and flu. Not to mention that if you are refilling that bottle with tap water, their are numerous reasons why drinking tap water is not safe for you either.

Even “Refillable” Plastic Bottles are Bad!

At a minimum, you should only select plastic refillable bottles that are “BPA-free” but even these can still release Bisphenol S (BPS) which is another harmful chemical after routine use and breakdown. If you do go with a BPA-free reusable bottle as your option, you need to still replace it on a regular basis in order to assure you are not ingesting harmful chemicals.

In addition, if you are refilling your bottle with tap water, you are still ingesting public water. Public water has been show to still have a number of harmful chemicals that are not safe for you to drink.

Expense Consideration

If you are one of the millions of people who are buying cases of water each week, you know just how expensive it is to purchase these each week. You are probably also buying them out of vending Bottled water is expensivemachines and grabbing a bottled water at a fast food restaurant, in a coffee shop or in the grocery check-out aisle. We don’t often think about how many single bottles of water we purchase in a year like this, but they can definitely add up over the course of a year.

A home water filtration system such as Brita may seem expensive, but do the math yourself and you will be amazed.  Just calculate how much you spend per week on bottled water, both at the grocery store as well as what you purchase while checking out of a store, at a fast food restaurant, at a coffee shop, etc.  It really is quite alarming when you calculate your weekly cost times the number of weeks in a year.  You will have much more in your wallet at the end of the year if you ditch the bottled waters.

So What is my Alternative?

Bottled water best optionIs drinking bottled water bad for you? YES!!! Our culture has been lead to believe that since drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day is vital for proper health AND we are a culture that is always on the go, bottled water is our best alternative for consuming enough water.

So if bottled plastic water bottles are bad, what should you drink instead? Stainless steel containers and good old-fashioned glass is best. But if you still are attached to reusable plastic water bottles, at a minimum make sure you buy one that is BPA-free, replace it often, and only put filtered water into it.

I am a big believer in filtering my water at home. There are just too many variables in public water sources that we can’t trust are always consistent in the water out of our faucet. My recommendation is that you purchase a water filtration system for your home and start using it immediately. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a fancy machine. A simple water filter pitcher like Brita for instance is a great way to filter your water before putting it into your safe stainless steel or glass bottle or cup.


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