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What to drink instead of soda –healthy yet tasty options ahead!


Unless you have been living under a rock, you have definitely heard the reports of why drinking carbonated soda (pop) is bad for you. Caffeine levels, sugar levels, chemicals, etc, etc are all reasons why drinking sodas are bad for us. Diet sodas are just as bad for us as the level of chemicals and carcinogens are even worse for these products. Well there is a much healthier option in your own home made carbonated beverages and it will save you money as well.

Our Addiction to Soda: Where did it all being?

If you are anything like me, you were raised believing that soda was a “treat” in your childhood years. I’m sure I am dating myself, but diet sodas didn’t even get their start until my late childhood years. So in my early childhood years, a regular soda “pop” was definitely a real treat for me and my siblings.Alternatives to soda pop

But my mother knew that these sodas were not necessarily good for us to have all the time. So she would often ask herself even back then “What to drink instead of soda”? Sure things like powdered drink mixes were at least somewhat satisfying, chocolate drink mixes with milk was a good way for her to get us to at least still drink our milk and even morning powdered drink mixes were somewhat satisfying. But why then was it so satisfying to have a soda pop? I suspect it was the mentality that we grew up thinking of it as a “treat” much like a piece of candy.

Soda Craze — Taking the Nation by Storm

Sometime between the 70s and 90s Soda really took our world by storm. The ads by the major soda companies made drinking them seem so appealing, popular and even sexy. So it’s no wonder that it was implanted in all of our brains that consuming these beverages was part of what made us hip and cool as a part of pop culture.

If you doubt this for a minute just think of how many products that are not even the actual beverage there are that are now a part of our history. Anything from the bottles themselves, the soda stands and the logos to the t-shirts, key chains and so much more are now collector’s items.

Diet Soda picks up steam

Remember the era when we all thought that as long as you focus on eating “Fat Free” you would lose weight? As a culture, we outgrew that phase and now know that manufacturers would remove fat but replace it with added sugar to make items taste better. Which in turn just made us fatter. So we soon learned that we need to remove sugar from our diet as well to really achieve weight loss.

Diet soda optionsThe soda companies all took advantage of this culture shift by introducing what we now know as diet sodas. However, they realized that in removing sugar from sodas, they needed to replace it with other additives and chemicals in order for it to still taste appealing to us.

When you think about it, we all have been brain washed into thinking that anything with the word “diet” in it will help us to lose weight. So the soda industry capitalized on this by producing ads that made us believe that all we have to do is drink diet soda in order to lose weight. How often have you ordered a “super size meal” at a drive thru with an incredible amount of fat and carbs with a diet soda? I know I have many times. But we believe this is a way of compensating for the higher calorie and fat content of our meal.

So what to drink instead of soda and diet soda?



Beverage Choices — so many options

Aside from liking my carbonated beverages, I definitely like my caffeine as well in the form of coffee. But juices don’t quite cut it for me personally as anytime I am not drinking coffee or tea, I want my beverages to be sparkling and bubbly. I’m not quite sure why but I have always preferred these as they just seem to have more excitement than flat beverages.

Even when I mixed with alcohol, drinks just seemed to be more exciting when there was a sparkle to them. So it’s no wonder that soda companies are often times also featured alongside alcohol.

Fluids are an essential part of our consumption, but how often do we really think about how many beverages we consume in a day and which ones we choose to put into our bodies? Like food, choosing which beverages you consume is an important part of how healthy you will be in the long run. Soda has become such a huge industry as we have all been brain washed into believing that store bought soda is one of these healthy alternatives. But as most of us have read or heard on TV and radio, this is not true. Okay, so then what to drink instead of soda? Read on….

Daily Water consumption

Most of us were around when we first heard the medical news reports that we should all be drinking 8 glasses of water per day to maintain proper health and fitness. For many, this seemed like a very tall order to consume that much water in a day. Personally, I would carry a water bottle with me wherever I would go and had no problem not only achieving but way surpassing this daily consumption of water.

Did I like it? Drinking that much water in any given day? NO, I didn’t. But I did it because it was what I thought I needed to do in order to maintain good health. Quite frankly though, I found plainSparkling water alternative water well…just plain! After some time I realized I needed to trick my brain into drinking water. So that is when I started flavoring my water and disguising it with added flavor packets that were so popular at the time.

After a while, even these flavor packets added to my “plain” water became blah and uninteresting. So I would occasionally still have a soda as I needed an occasional excitement beverage with sparkle AND flavor. But I knew very well that this was not good for me to return to drinking soda. Albeit “diet” soda it still was not healthy. So what to drink instead of soda? That’s when I found the wonderful world of creating my own soda with my home soda beverage system.

Reunited and Happy with Sparkling Beverages

I have finally found what I had been looking for all along! My own sparkling beverage machine that I can make my own exciting beverages at home! YAY!

Healthy-soda-alternativesIt has been several years now since I purchased a sparkling beverage machine for my home and I haven’t looked back since. I now drink much more than adequate amounts of water that I “sparkle” myself from the comfort of my home and flavor with whatever I so desire.

Do I still have an occasional soda? Sure, sometimes when I am out at dinner I do order a soda with my meal. But to be honest, it just isn’t as satisfying as what I once thought it was. I often times find myself wishing I had my own sparkling beverage with me instead of the manufactured unhealthy soda.

Soda Alternative that will Change your World

So don’t despair if you are still grieving over losing soda pop from your life in order to maintain a happier and healthier lifestyle. There IS a very satisfying and much healthier alternative instead of sugary soda and instead of diet soda. It’s you very own soda machine in your own home. I’m sure it will change your world as well.


If you have any comments about this article or have any more suggestions of your own, please leave them in the comments below.





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I am a life-long advocate of health and fitness. We are only given one body for our journey on earth so it is up to each of us to take care of it. For me that means regular exercise and watching everything I consume so that my body stays as fit as possible. My goal is to help you achieve these same goals of taking care of your body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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