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    Exciting Water Options

    How to Make Water Taste Good to Increase Daily Consumption


    Well all know that we should drink more water to stay healthy. So let’s look at a few ideas on how to make water taste better so that you can achieve or surpass the daily recommended goal of eight 8-ounce glasses per day.

    There are so many ways of how to make water taste good. Over the years, I have come up with a number of ways which I hope you will employ in your own life.

    Juice it Up

    Fruit juice to make water goodPick your favorite juice flavors in a no-sugar-added product and try adding just a splash of it to your water. It may take some practice getting this right for you. So how to make water taste good using juice?

    Some people prefer just a splash to get a subtle hint of juice flavor in their water while others go up to a 50/50 ratio. The key here is to not add so much juice that you are adding too many calories without the benefits of still getting the benefit of drinking water.

    Personally, I prefer cranberry juice and I like to add it to my sparkling water that I prepare in my home sparkling water machine. But you can also use distilled or tap water if you prefer.

    Just a squeeze

    Any citrus fruit can be used to give a natural and healthy twist to your water. Try lemon, limes, oranges or grapefruit slices and squeeze just enough to flavor your water. If it is a bit too sour, you Fruit makes water palatablecan add artificial sweetener as well. I prefer Stevia but any artificial sweetener will work.  As an added benefit, adding fruit to water turns it into a natural detox water that will help you lose weight as well.

    Go tropical

    Soak fresh pineapple slices and oranges in a pitcher of water for at least a couple of hours. I prefer to soak them overnight in the fridge. The fruit is still tasty when you remove it so don’t discard it. But it does give the water a tropical flavor so that you don’t feel you are only drinking plain water.

    Veggie water

    Vegetable water tastes goodThis one may sound crazy at first until you try it out yourself. Whether you steam or boil or fresh vegetables in water, don’t just discard the water. Save the water and refrigerate it overnight. You can then pour it over ice and have a fresh veggie cocktail. I actually like to add a bit of tomato juice, worcestershir and hot sauce to it to make what I call my “virgin bloody mary.”

    Not only are you creating a great alternative to drinking plain water, you also are getting the nutrients that are in the water from the vegetables without buying store-bought vegetable cocktails that are filled with preservatives.


    Natural Herbs

    Mint leaves are a great way to give water a nice mint taste. Just soak mint leaves in a picture of water overnight and you will have a refreshing mint drink to enjoy the next day. Although you canHerbs add flavor to water ready try adding just about any favorite fresh herbs from your garden or grocery store.  Another great herb to try in your water is basil leaves.

    I personally prefer to add bubbles to with my sparkling water machine. The bubbles along with the herb-infused water are a nice compliment that will tickle your nose and provide great enjoyment.

    Make is Sparkle

    As you may have read in the previous paragraphs, I am a big fan of sparkling water. It gives me the satisfaction of the carbonation I miss in giving up unhealthy sodas. If you want to go this route I highly recommend investing in a sparkling beverage machine.

    Personally, I purchased a Soda Stream machine years ago and absolutely love it. It provides me with the same level of satisfying drinks as soda pop, but at a fraction of the price. But the real benefit is that it makes it much easier to consume way beyond my daily requirement of eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day.

    Tea as an alternative

    Tea as a great option to plain waterPrepare a pot of tea, let it cool to room temperature and then pour it into a picture and refrigerate. I know this sounds so simple, but many of us forget how easy natural ice tea is to make at home.

    I prefer to make green tea, white tea, or a herbal tea as they don’t have the diuretic effects of their caffeinated counterparts. But it really is your preference.  Tea is a great option to drinking coffee or unhealthy soda



    Cuke It

    Adding slices of cucumber to your water adds a whole different dimension to water. I am not even a big fan of raw cucumbers, but somehow the flavor of iced cucumber water can be so refreshing, especially on a hot summer day.

    Flavor packs and Bottles

    There is a big market of these at the stores these days. I may be dating myself, but as a child, the sugar-packed Kool-Aid was the only option for this in my youth. These days there are endless options and many of them are sugar-free.

    Just be careful with these if you are though, especially if you are like me and always watching your weight. Most of the sugar-free options contain aspartame which can actually be counter-productive when you are trying to maintain a healthy weight or on a diet.

    Berry mash

    Try placing blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or just about any berries in the bottom of a glass, then mashing them with a spoon. Pour distilled, sparkling or even tap water over them and addBerries make water taste better ice.

    Somehow the remaining berries floating in the glass make me forget that I am really drinking water and it makes for a very nice refreshing option to drink water.

    How Sweet It Is

    Adding just a packet of artificial sweetener to water can really change the taste dramatically. If you don’t believe me, just give it a try. Sometimes all we need is to change the taste of water just a bit to make it more appealing.

    Juicy Ice Cubes

    Freeze your favorite juice in an ice tray and pop a few of them into your water glass. As the cubes melt in your water, you will get a hint of the juice flavor to provide you with a bit of excitement.

    Store Options

    There are numerous store options of canned and bottled flavored waters these days, including sparkling waters, flavored waters, teas, etc. Just be extra careful in making your selection of these though as they can contain preservatives, chemicals and high fructose corn syrup. Always ready the labels if you go this route in fulfilling your daily water consumption options.

    So Many Ways to Make Water Taste Good

    So many options to make water excitingWe all know what recommended water consumption is for a healthy body. Don’t despair if you are one of those who have trouble meeting your daily requirement of drinking those eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Give as many of these a try as you want and I am sure you will come up with your own favorites to meet this goal as well.

    Please feel free to leave any comments on this article below. Or if you have any more ideas of your own that you would like to share as suggestions you have used to make water taste better, please leave those in the comments as well.







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    I am a life-long advocate of health and fitness. We are only given one body for our journey on earth so it is up to each of us to take care of it. For me that means regular exercise and watching everything I consume so that my body stays as fit as possible. My goal is to help you achieve these same goals of taking care of your body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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