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    Soda Health Risks

    What is the Best Diet Soda for You? Best Health Options


    We have heard so much in recent years about the many risks of drinking diet soda and what it can do to our health. In case you have not heard about the health reports on diet sodas, it is scientifically proven that this most popular weight loss product of the diet soda category is proven to make you fatter! Yet so many are still hooked on it and don’t really know if we can live without it in our lives.

    If you go into any grocery store soda aisle you will see that there are numerous options when it comes to diet soda. But how often have you thought of switching up which one you drink? Probably not very often as you know which one(s) you and your family prefer. It’s just an automatic reaction to grab the one you generally drink each week. You most likely even know the exact location of it on your grocers shelves, right? If you can’t live without it, what is the best diet soda for you and your long term health?

    Well let’s take a look at how the diet sodas stack up against each other. Of course, the options are so many that this article would be extremely lengthy if I attempted to cover every option out there. Instead, I will focus on the most common ones that we all know about.

    For expediency sake, I am listing these most popular ones below in order of worst for you health to best for you to drink. These are based on many factors including the level of aspartame sweetener as well as unnatural ingredients, such as vegetable oil and tree bark. Yes, you read that correctly… on to find out more….

    Diet Mountain Dew

    This is by far and away the worst diet soda you can consume. It contains flame retardant! The inside of your body definitely does not need flame retardant. This may sound like a good idea if you are planning on having a bowl of habanero peppers for dinner, but trust me it is not! It also contains brominated vegetable oil, or BVO. BVO is actually found in roughly 10 percent of diet sodas with citrus-flavor. That citrus flavor tends to make many think they are drinking something healthy for them when in fact the BVO used to emulsify it is a form of vegetable oil that you are consuming! Which is most definitely a diet no no!


    best diet sodaFew people know that this product was actually introduced in 1963.  While this diet soda isn’t as popular as it once was, it is still sold in stores. It was the first big seller of diet soda products and I still remember my sister guzzling it like there was no tomorrow while on Weight Watchers and trying to shed pounds.

    Little did she know back then that it is second worst only to Diet Mountain Dew. It lost popularity back in the 90’s when it was revealed that Tab was loaded with saccharin, which has been proven to actually cause weight gain in rats. The saccharin of course has since been linked to causing cancer decades ago, yet Coca Cola company is still able to sell this product as it has not been banned in the U.S.

    Before 2000 the Federal Drug Administration ordered that all products containing sccharin must have a label warning consumers about the link between it and cancer.  Even in recent years, studies have shown that rats who consumed primarily diets filled with saccharin to gain more weight than those that consumed a very high level of sugar in their diets.

    So consumption of high levels of saccharin actual causes MORE weight gain than consuming high levels of sugar!


    I’ll be honest, this is one that I was fooled by for many years. It’s refreshing, light and the citrus taste really makes you think you are doing something good for your body. It certainly can’t be as bad as it’s cola counterparts right?

    Wrong! Like Mountain Dew, Fresca contains brominated vegetable oil, but also contains something called glycerol rosin of ester (basically tree oil). This additive helps to bring out the citrus taste in it. While many things grown in nature are good for us, tree oil is not one of them and definitely not something you want to consume much less when you are trying to diet or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Any Soda with the word “10”

    See what they did there? The soda companies all want you to believe that drinking a soda name with the number “10” in it will give you a “10” body. Or if you don’t think that, maybe you think it Diet soda optionsmeans only ten calories, so it’s a good compromise instead of zero calories. Well if you think either, you have been fooled!

    It’s unbelievable that the major soda companies would combine unnatural artificial sweeteners with bad high fructose corn syrup to make a product for consumers, but that is basically what they did. Stay away from these “10” sodas altogether as you get two bad things for the price of one!

    Diet Bargs Root Beer

    Root beer makes me think of innocent times when we had root beer floats as a child, so I tend to think of root beer as an innocent beverage. Well not so much with this diet soda!

    Aside from artificial sweeteners, this product also contains Acesulfame Potassium which is used to make the root beer taste even sweeter on our taste buds. The problem is that this additive has been known to cause all sorts of health problem in test on rats, including thyroid problems.

    Diet Cherry Dr Pepper and Diet Vanilla Dr Pepper

    The only reason these are listed here as worse than the Diet Dr Pepper is that they also contain Red 40 dye, which have been linked to cancer. The vanilla version actually does not contain any vanilla whatsoever.

    Diet Dr Pepper

    This is one doctor you shouldn’t visit. The aspartame contained in one can is second only to Diet Coke. At 123 mg of aspartame per can, it has a LOT of artificial aspartame in it, which is not diet friendly whatsoever.

    Coke Zero

    This was coca colas attempt introduced some time back of making a diet soda that actually tastes like real coke. They did it by combining the two artificial sweeteners of of aspartame and acesulfame potassium. The only thing is, the two of them combined together can still make your body produce insulin much the same way as real sugar would.

    Diet Cherry Coke and Diet Lime Coke

    These are basically diet coke with the added artificial sweetener of acesulfame potassium to make them sweeter and more palatable. So not only are you getting the artificial sweeteners found in a The many diet soda alternativesdiet coke, you are getting another artificial ingredient on top of it. Sometimes, as in the case of artificial sweeteners, less really IS more healthy for your body.

    Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi

    Aww, now we come to the old standards. How often instead of ordering a diet coke at a restaurant do you say, I want “caramel coloring, aspartame, phosphoric acid and potassium benzoate”? Doesn’t sound quite as appealing, does it? Well that is actually what you are getting when you drink a diet coke.

    Caffeine-Free Diet Coke and Caffeine-Free Diet Pepsi

    The only thing that makes them better than the former is the lack of caffeine. If you absolutely must drink a diet soda later in the day, this is a better alternative than the regular version so that you won’t lose any sleep over it. Yet it still has the same chemical make up otherwise of the regular versions.

    Diet 7-Up

    The one thing that Diet 7-Up has going for it is that it does not contain artificial coloring like all the others above. But don’t let that alone fool you. It is still loaded with all the artificial sweeteners as the ones above it.

    Sparkling Water

    Sparkling water is still better than diet sodaIf you read this far, you may be thinking “wait, water isn’t soda”. Nope, it isn’t. But my point here is that ALL diet sodas on the market are bad for you in one way or another. It’s just to what degree they are bad for you and how much they are bad for you. So if you are still thinking “What is the best diet soda for you” I would highly recommend you give sparkling water a try. What’s the worse that can happen? You still go back to your regular diet soda regime?

    There are numerous options on the market for sparkling water in a bottle or can, but I still believe the best option is to consider making your own sparkling water at home with a sparkling water machine and flavoring it yourself. I have many ideas for you to consider in this site’s content to make your sparkling water experience much more palatable and enjoyable.

    If you have any comments on the knowledge of diet sodas that you gained here or have any further suggestions, please leave them in the comments below and I will respond as soon as I am able.




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    I am a life-long advocate of health and fitness. We are only given one body for our journey on earth so it is up to each of us to take care of it. For me that means regular exercise and watching everything I consume so that my body stays as fit as possible. My goal is to help you achieve these same goals of taking care of your body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


    1. RichPersonality

      There’s so many choices to choose from but me personally, I will stick to water all the time. Diet sodas are pretty bad. Well, sure I’d have a soda when I’m at a party or something, but in my daily life I would never consider drinking anything like that. Water is the source of life and I like to stick to water.

      • admin

        I agree Rich.  I find the same thing to be true for me as well.  I drink a LOT of water every day and can’t imagine even reaching for a diet soda anymore during my daily routine.  Every so often I do have an occasional diet soda when at a party to see if I was missing anything.  It amazes me just how very little satisfaction it gives me anymore now that I am use to drinking only water and water-based beverages.

    2. Jacob Schilling

      Hi. I am lucky enough to not have become addicted to pop. My biggest problem is whenever I go out to eat, I drink like 6 full glasses of cherry coke or Pepsi, I am so addicted to it. But outside of going out to eat, I never buy pop at all. I have always heard that diet versions of pop is actually even worse for you, and just due to how it feels blander compared to original pop, I always go with regular pop if I ever drink it.

      This isn’t about pop, but have you ever tried Orbit Bubblemint gum that’s in a bottle? Every time I have it, my body feels bloated and whenever I go #2 in the bathroom, it is like diarrhea. I feel like it is the contents of the bubble gum, what do you think?

      • admin

        Hi Jacob and thanks for your feedback.

        I find if I order iced tea or club soda with lime when I am out to dinner, it is much healthier because every time the server automatically refills it, I am not getting bad soda every time.  I understand what you are saying completely on this as I sometimes have a soda while dining at a restaurant and they grab your soda and refill it or bring you a fresh one over and over.  It is just so much better to make that first decision when you sit down to ask for an ice tea or club soda instead.  

        As for the Orbit bubblegum drink, I have never heard of that one.  But I would not doubt it in the least that it could cause these effects.  There are many artificial sweeteners on the market that can have this effect on your body.  If you ever want a good laugh, check out the reviews on sugar-free gummy bears on Amazon.  While it is funny, you will also understand by reading these just what kind of havoc these artificial sweeteners can have on your body.  Definitely stay away from it!

        Thanks for your comments and best wishes!


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